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From a helping hand to a complete solution, we help fashion retailers and brands with all their supply chain needs. From design through manufacture, to warehousing and fulfilment and everything in-between. fashion starts here.

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Rag-Sourcing helps with all your supply chain needs. From design through manufacture, to delivery to your door and everything in between.

We’re a privately owned fashion design, sourcing and manufacturing company. With years of industry experience, we specialise in the fashion supply chain. We help start-up retailers & brands make their visions into reality.

Clients use our services in a myriad of ways; from brand strategy and creative direction, design and sample development, product sourcing and manufacture – right the way through to delivery in-store. It’s time to take fashion further.

Expert stylish help, whatever the stage in production or design. Rag-Sourcing is the place that makes great fashion happen.



From Budgeting and Range Planning, through seasonal Trend Forecasting and Design, from Sample Development through Bulk Production, even Freight Forwarding and Warehousing; Rag-Sourcing can tailor a package to meet your business needs.

Take a look at some of the fashion design services we provide.


Understanding your Budget & what investment can be made into stock, marketing & overheads vs. what the likely return on investment might be, we understand the entire chain, the costs and returns.

Range Planning:

Ensuring you have the best ratio split of product across different product types with the most likely chance of return, is the first stage to any product development.


Forecasting will keep you ahead of the latest fashion trends & seasonal colours, we continually look ahead at what’s coming next.


The most exciting stage to any new product development is the design stage. The design process allows you to visualise your ideas. It is also a critical part of the sourcing process as it gives the factories the technical information they require.

Sample Development:

The sampling stage is a process of development and approval, turning your designs into product you can touch & feel. Depending on the product type, samples will be placed with one of our trusted factories.

Bulk Production:

The final stage in bringing your products to life is the bulk production. From your approved sample to mass production of your products, we’ll oversee the entire process including important quality control checks prior to shipment.

Freight & Delivery:

We'll organise the shipment of your goods door to door. Be that by air, road or sea; we'll handle the entire freight & customs clearance process.

Warehousing & Fulfilment:

Don't have a warehouse to store your goods? We can handle that as well. Deliver your goods to our warehouse and we can pick, pack & distribute your products direct to your customers.



These are just some of the awesome projects we’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with!

No matter what exciting fashion design project you have lined up, we can’t wait to get our teeth into it.


We’re not just a fashion design & sourcing company.

We understand retail and what it takes to run a successful fashion e-commerce business.

Website Design & Build:

We also provide e-commerce retail website solutions.
Please take a look at our other department Rag-Creative for information.

Digital Marketing & Online Advertising:

We creating and target marketing campaigns to tell your brand story. Please take a look at our other department Rag-Creative for information.

Wholesale Sales & Distribution:

If you are looking to distribute your products into third party retailers then please take a look at our other wholesale department Rag-Wholesale for information.

Warehousing & Fulfilment:

With our own warehouse we offer storage, picking & packing.
Integrated with all major couriers we can fulfil orders to you customers.



  • The skill of great design is the ability to see the bigger picture. Founded as a design consultancy, we’re passionate about staying true to our design roots. For us, great fashion design is more than the latest technology, or technical knowhow. It’s our ability to translate the needs of your consumer in those very first stages, right the way through to the finished product.

    - Freelance Fashion Design,

  • We have the experience to turn your ideas into reality. With our sourcing & manufacturing knowledge, we’re always bringing new product and collections to life. From sample development to bulk production across multiple product genres and genders – our clients trust in our reliable and flexible production capabilities.

    - Fast Fashion Sourcing,

  • These guys do things differently! They approach the design & sourcing more like a PR company than just a fashion supplier. They know what it takes to launch a brand and only part of that picture is the product. Right from the start they focus on the bigger picture; the consumer & marketing is forefront before even thinking about the product design. Unbelievable team!

    - Gianni Salvatore,

  • These guys know their stuff! Experts in their field in every respect. Honestly, we couldn’t have launched as successfully as we did without them!

    - Scar Tissue,

  • I initially contacted Rag-Creative for my web site design. I had no idea Rag-Sourcing could handle the product development as well! I’ve been able to focus on PR to drive my brand forward. Result!
    Contact them, you won’t regret it!

    - U&I Originals,

  • Great bunch of guys! Very professional and always there to help and support when needed, even after hours! 10/10

    - Physique Brothers,


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