Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – to look at the world around us, to keep our eyes open, quite simply to love the world of fashion. We’re proud to put our name to every style we produce.

” The inspiration for each range comes from an eclectic mix of sources. It can be a sharp piece of tailoring to an underground street-wear movement, from the high street to a cult brand, from the here and now or a place in time. Our design philosophy is always about innovation – refreshing and updating – but most importantly, always meeting the client’s brief. We’re proud to put our name to every style we produce and present.

We’re always looking at who, what and where is influencing and directing today’s trends. That can be vintage, designer, icon, high street or chain store. Only individual mixes and styles can truly represent the current culture.

Throughout our day-to-day lives, whether at work or not, we’re constantly taking in what’s new through the places we visit and the people we meet. The team and I are forever jotting notes and taking photographs – so we never miss that next inspirational idea.

Well known figures within the fashion industry have used our services over the years, and continue to do so. This is a strong indication that we offer something that other people want and need.

Our client base has grown steadily over the years, with many repeat customers. I believe this is due to our dedicated and hard-working team, who ensure that all orders are processed on time and professionally presented.

To achieve a competitive edge, our production is often outsourced to other countries where the cost effect is critical. High street ready-to-wear fashion affects buyers, but that doesn’t mean it has to compromise quality.

We have continued to work with the same tailors over the years, who we trust and recognise the importance of delivering a quality service with innovative designs. These tailors work gently and carefully on each order, so that we can meet all deadlines – both for customers and ourselves.

The store is supported by in-house design and marketing teams that offer a one-stop shop service. We’ll take your brief and come up with concepts that suit you and your brand perfectly. We’re also able to work with other agencies on projects, such as photography or PR, if needed.

We’re always happy to discuss any ideas or feedback you might have – all our clients are important to us. In fact, we’ve built long-term business relationships with many of our regular customers, and I believe this is the secret of success for any company.

The skill as a designer is taking these multiple and myriad influences and moulding them into relevant commercial collections for each season and client.” – Matthew, Fashion Designer