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We work with clients all over the world to help bring their ideas to life. From a little helping hand, to creating complete collections, we are the fashion design experts that help deliver, season after season.

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Where fashion design is only limited by your imagination.


With a full design service at our fingertips, we help fashion brands with the entire design process.

From Budgeting and Range Planning, to Trend and Colour Forecasting, through Logo, Branding, Graphic and Garment Design, even Factory Technical Pack and Size Specification Development – and everything in-between.

We’re experts in taking your product to market.



Whatever your fashion design requirements, we can help. We’re experts in taking your product to market, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Take a look at some of the services we provide.


The process of working with your production budget and estimating the likely production costs.
Forecasting the likely wholesale and retail values of your product, including estimates on the percentage sold at RRP and on sale.
How far your budget will stretch and estimating the likely return on investment is the cornerstone to any successful brand.

Range Planning:

Before any pen or pencil touches paper designing the product, first we Range Plan your collection.
Ensuring your budget is maximised, we will make sure the right number of designs are produced to avoid having too many of any one product type.

Customer Profiling:

The skill of any designer is not simply designing something they would wear. Putting yourself in the mindset of the end consumer is often harder than it sounds.
Understanding your customer, their likes & dislikes ensures you always have something to refer back to during the design process.

Trend & Colour Forecasting:

The fashion industry is a fast paced world, seasonal trends come and go in the blink of an eye.
Forecasting what is coming next and being bold is what makes the few stand head and shoulders above the 'me too' brands.
We keep abreast with the latest seasonal trends to ensure you're always ahead of the curve.

Garment Design:

The exciting bit, putting pen to paper in creating your collection!
The inspiration for each range comes from an eclectic mix of sources; a sharp piece of tailoring, an underground street-wear movement, from the high street or a cult brand, from the here and now or a place in time.
Our philosophy is always about innovation – but most importantly, always meeting the client’s brief. We’re proud to put our name to every style we produce.

Graphic Design:

Whether it be graphics for prints, embroideries, packaging, marketing - or any other reason, we are skilled in the use of typography, photography and illustration.
Understanding the production process is key in graphic design for the fashion sector to ensure the best results can be achieved on your finished product.

Tech Pack Development:

Once the design process is complete, and before sending anything to the factories, Technical Packs will need to be produced.
Factory Technical Packs (often called 'Tech Packs') give the factory everything they need to turn your designs into samples.
Tech Packs contain information such as; fabric descriptions, weights and compositions / garment construction details / print or embroidery techniques, sizes and positions, as well as the garment measurement size specification chart.



We think you'll be surprised how cost effective our services can be.

Our design services can be tailormade to fit pretty much any budget…

Each project is as unique as the next and our pricing is just as flexible.

Depending on the size and scope of the product we can cost on an hourly rate, per design rate, fix fee project rate and even monthly retainer rates.

Large discounts (and in some case completely free design services) are available subject to the size of project and other services taken.

We even offer payment terms!

Please Contact Us to discuss your project and we’ll tailor a quote to your needs.

“The skill of great design is the ability to see the bigger picture. Founded as a design consultancy, we’re passionate about staying true to our design roots. For us, great fashion design is more than the latest technology, or technical knowhow. It’s our ability to translate the needs of your consumer in those very first stages, right the way through to the finished product.”

“Design is our passion!”
* Example rates
* Discounts available dependent on project size
* Free design available subject to other services
* Payment terms available
Per Hour £ 40
Par Half Day (4hrs) £ 150
Per Day (8hrs) £ 280
Brand Consultation £ FREE
Budgeting & Range Planning £ 150
Logo £ 150
Labels & Trims £ 150
Trend Forecasting (per board) £ 250
Colour Forecasting (per board) £ 250
Consumer Profiling (per board) £ 250
Simple Graphic £ 50
Average Graphic £ 150
Complex Graphic £ 280
GARMENT DESIGN: (Inc. Tech Pack, Exc. Size Spec)
T-shirt, Polo, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Jogger (or similar) £ 150
Shirt, Dress, Trouser (or similar) £ 200
Jacket, Blazer, Jeans (or similar) £ 300
* Additional Size Spec £ 150
This method allows you to budget as you can be safe in the knowledge your project is fixed fee.
Due to the nature of this payment plan we need to understand your project before quoting.


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