How to find Clothing Manufacturers

Fashion is quite hard to break into, especially for a beginner. You may be looking for clothing manufacturers who specialise in specific styles or material, but you may end up getting the wrong results. The cost that is often associated with the initial trial and error is the reason why most businesses give up. For those who want to start a clothing brand, a trusted apparel manufacturer is essential.

Finding decent clothing manufacturers to work hand in hand with can be a bit tricky. It is not for a lack of choices. What makes it difficult is the varied price ranges that you will come across when making enquiries. There is hardly any standardisation to speak of. While it is generally true that the more you pay the better the quality of products is, it is not always as cut and cut.

So you may think it’s easy at first just coming up with a design and giving it off to a manufacturer. In truth, you have to be very specific on the detailing of your clothes so that you can find the best things that can suit you and your designs.


Do you need a clothing manufacturer or a sourcing company?

A sourcing company is a go-between with the clothing manufacturer who handles the production for you, meaning you do not speak to the factory directly. The advantages of this are the knowledge, experience, quality control and relationships built up. It can take years to find reliable suppliers with the attention to detail required to do a clothing production run, a sourcing company would have this relationship already built.

There is a misconception that you’d pay a lot more per item, but as sourcing companies have bulk discounts in place the unit price is not much more. A price worth paying for that short-cut to the best factories and all that experience as an added bonus. And being based in the Uk, we have rigorous standards we meet.

With a sourcing company, you still have Minimum Order Quantities due to the fabric used, but an expert can help maximise this with a range plan. Contact us today for a free no-obligation conversion about this.

If you would still prefer to deal directly with the clothing manufacturer, read on.

How do clothing manufacturers work?

There are many different ways that clothing manufacturers work. Some apparel manufacturers operate on a contract basis, in which they are paid by the retailer to produce a given product. This means that the manufacturer may be responsible for everything from dyeing cotton materials to placing the final tags on garments.

Some manufacturers focus on particular aspects of their industry, such as chain-stitching, dyeing and printing, or separating fabric pieces into individual items. Manufacturers also produce clothing accessories in addition to the clothing itself. Other apparel

How long does it take to manufacture clothes?

From start to finish, our process is designed to work with the natural strengths of off-shore manufacturing. The result is a lean manufacturing system that keeps clothes flowing without wasting time or materials and creates real value for our customers. Our international network of factories is led by highly experienced teams who specialize in cutting and sewing for every type of garment we make.

Our Clothing manufacturers create our garments from designs, sample materials, and production plans we’ve sent ahead. This advanced planning makes it easier to control.

how to find a clothing manufacturer?

Learning how to find a clothing manufacturer can be a difficult task for small businesses or start-ups. There are many options out there, nevertheless, and you need to set some boundaries.