How to find Streetwear Manufacturers

Clothing and apparel differ according to different factors. Some of these factors include the purpose for which it will be worn, the gender, size, and build of the wearer. Pricing also differs according to some of these factors and more. Today, the textile industry is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Whilst there are many facets to the clothing industry, they each have their place in our lives. In this article, we take a look at streetwear manufacturers, the trends that hit the streets, and which brands bring those trends to life. This is aimed to help anyone trying to start a clothing line and it’s easy to find a freelance fashion designer to help you create the clothing designs.


History of Streetwear

Whilst streetwear seems like it’s what the cool kids wear today, it goes way back. It has been around for many years. The difference is that it evolves with each year. New trends come up, and they build upon what already exists, ringing true to the saying, there is nothing new under the sun.

Taking a step back in time, it’s easy to see that streetwear is growing in popularity thanks to more celebrities and influential people wearing streetwear. By definition, streetwear is casual clothing, something casual. It made its way onto the international scene in the ’70s. originating from the New York Hip Hop culture, it quickly spread like a wildfire through various artforms.

Through the years, it has continued to be more and more cemented as a part of the culture. Streetwear has become a form of identity to a certain extent.

Streetwear Manufacturers

Why is streetwear so popular?

The growing popularity of streetwear can be attributed to its comfort. Streetwear by nature, is comfortable and casual, making it easy to wear and hence a go-to for anyone who is active and “ïn the streets”.

It has also been popularized by major influences including sport, music, and pop culture. As media has evolved into being globally accessible, fashion has also become a major part of that globalization.

Top streetwear brands

Some of the top streetwear brands are also some of the leading manufacturers. Here’s a list of some of the top streetwear brands on the market today. Supreme, Noah, Awaka NY, Aime Leon Dore, Golf wang, Palace, Braindead, Cactus planet flea market, Adidas, New Balance, and Nike

These are some of the international names that you have probably heard of and perhaps wear. Whilst they may have different target markets, they also have a cross-section of the same. However, these brands, require a manufacturer for them to “hit the streets”

Manufacturing within your area.

There are a couple of advantages when you choose a manufacturer within your area. One of those is reduced logistics costs. You will not need to travel very far to go to where your brand is being sewn.  Another advantage is in lower manufacturing costs, which in turn means that the cost does not need to be passed onto the consumer.

The disadvantage would be if you are unable to get high-quality manufacturers within your area. This has a large impact on your brand and the way that it will be received by the public so t’s important to find the right clothing manufacturer. 

What should you look for in a streetwear manufacturer?

There are several features that you need to ensure your manufacturer has. Amongst these are your labour costs. Foreign labour may work out to be more affordable but it may not be the best quality.

Also, ensure that your communication is easy and can be clear. This way you are able to have your streetwear brand, made as per instruction. When considering foreign manufacturers, think about shipping costs and the ease of you getting your orders. You may also want to think about time differences, and how you will conduct business with the chosen manufacturer.

Do your research about the various countries and make sure that they are marketable. For instance, clothes made in the US are generally easier to market to a global audience. They already have a market that you can tap into with your brand.

You need to make sure that the manufacturer that you choose is reputable and that you can trust them with your orders. You also want to make sure that all your paperwork is in place. Intellectual property is an important facet to check on, especially since the manufacturer will have to have full access to your logos and all working files. Make sure that you own your brand.

The other factor that you will need to think about, is the manufacturer’s capacity. Find out if they can meet demand in terms of quantity and also in terms of the types of clothing they can make.

Also, make sure that your designs are not lost in translation. If you speak a different language, both figuratively and literally, this could be a problem. Streetwear is a specific style and as such, you need a manufacturer that will not question your decisions but just go with the flow and produce what you have asked them to.

How do I find good streetwear manufacturers?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can do a google search, find a list from a directory or go by word of mouth and referrals. What’s the word on the street about a particular manufacturer? Look at their track record as well. Streetwear Manufacturers likely make other types so would come under clothing manufacturers, but it’s likely that they will specialise in urban wear.

One last thing

The thing about fashion is that it’s not black and white and neither can it be put in a box and labelled. The loudest voice will always be what the people respond to. The streets will tell you what the voice of that era is saying.

Regardless of the manufacturer that you choose, it is important that you make sure the integrity of your brand remains intact. Streetwear has a specific style that may not be understood by all. It’s best to ensure that you can clearly communicate your vision to your manufacturer.