The lead times for design through sample development, from bulk production through finally delivery are subject to many factors & each project is unique. Factors include;
  • Size of collection
  • Product types
  • Number of comment changes
  • Number of sample rounds
  • Fabric lead times
  • Production lead time
  • Freight lead times
    As a general rule of thumb however please allow roughly the following lead times;
  • Design – 2-3 weeks (subject to collection size)
  • Sample Development – 3-4 weeks (per sample round, there wil be a minimum of x2 samples rounds for the initial & PP sample stages)
  • Physical Bulk Production – 4-6 weeks (once approval into bulk production has been given)
  • Shipment – 1-4 weeks (subject to country of manufacture & freight method)
    Therefore, please estimate on average C.3-6 months lead time from design through to delivery of product.
    We have a handy Production Calendar we’re happy to share with customers which outlines the lead times you will need to consider when producing a collection to ensure your products arrive in line with the fashion season selling windows. Please click the link above to request access to this calendar to help with your planning (please note this is a Google Calendar & you will require a Google Account to access it).