Garment Design;
  • Estimate x2-3hrs work per style.
  • This includes all the front, back & construction drawings, any labels & trims, the approval process to refine your designs & a factory technical speciation pack (Tech Pack).
  • A Tech Pack provides the factory with everything they need to produce the samples including fabric type & compositions, colours or washes, fit or construction references, graphic dimensions & positions, labels & trims.
    Logo Design:
  • Estimate x3-6hrs work per logo.
  • During logo design we will usually start by designing several completely different logo concepts. These will be submitted to you for comment.
  • Subject to the comments received we will tend to go through further development round, each time refining your chosen logo options until you are happy with a final logo concept.
    Graphic Design:
  • Estimate x2-8hrs work per graphic.
  • Subject to the complexity of the graphics required the time to design them can vary considerably.
  • We can discuss your graphic ideas and estimate a more accurate quote of time.
  • During the graphic development stage, we will usually design the desired graphic, send this to you for comment & refine the graphic until you are happy with the final concept.
  • Our base rate design services are charged at £50/hr.
  • Discounts off our base rates are applicable subject to taking other services with us. For example;
  • If you intend to take sourcing services with us, we discount our base rates by 20% to £40/hr.
  • If you also take additional services with us (for example website build, marketing or warehousing) we discount our base rates by 30% to £35/hr.
  • Prices are quoted in £GBP & exclude any taxes.
  • To estimate your design budget please do the following;
  • Garment Design: Number of styles x 2-3hrs per style x £35-£50/hr
  • Logo Design: Number of logos x 3-6hrs per logo x £35-£50/hr
  • Graphic Design: Number of graphics x 2-8hrs per graphic x £35-50/hr