Every project we work on is unique & bespoke. Therefore, it is impossible to give accurate figures until we know more about your project.


A good place to start however is with our handy Range Plan Calculator.
  • This calculator will estimate the likely design, sampling & production costs for your collection based on questions it will ask you to answer.
  • Please see above in “Stage 1 – Range Planning” for further details.
  • Should the link to our Range Plan Calculator not work for any reason, please email us to request a copy.


Alternatively, if you know more specifically what size of collection & what split of product types your collection will consist of, please e-mail us and we can give you a quote on the estimated value of design, sampling & sourcing of your collection.


Although providing accurate prices without knowing more about your project isn’t possible, please see below some further information of some of the likely costs for each stage: