We must first understand your Range Plan of products (the total number of products & which product types your collection might consist of).
  • Some customers come to us knowing exactly how many garments & what garment types they want.
  • Others are more ambiguous & not sure how many styles they should have in their collection.


If you are unsure of what Range Plan you might want or how much the likely costs might be to design, sample & produce a collection, we suggest using our Range Plan Calculator.
  • Should the link to our Range Plan Calculator not work for any reason, please email us to request a copy.


Once opened, our Range Plan Calculator ask’s several questions for you to answer. i.e.
  • How many total styles do you think you might like in your collection?
  • What average quantity per style might you intend to produce?
  • How many years has you brand been trading?
  • Which season will you be launching your collection?
  • What % of your collection will be men’s or women’s?


Subject to the answers you provide, the Range Plan Calculator will then estimate;
  • Which product types you should likely include in your collection.
  • Based on average prices, the likely cost of design, sampling & production budgets.


The Range Plan Calculator is only meant to provide you with an example split of product types & budgets. Your final collection can be amended as you see fit. Please note;
  • The design, sampling & production budgets provided in the Range Plan Calculator are based on rough averages and only meant for ballpark figures.
  • All final design, sampling & production values will be quoted to you based on your specific collection and are subject to increase or discount base on your bespoke project.
  • The Range Plan Calculator values are only to give you a ballpark estimate so you can roughly see how far your budget might stretch & so you can amend your collection size based on your budgets.


The idea of the Range Plan Calculator is so that you can work out what your collection size might be and what split of product types you might want in your collection so that you can roughly work out either;
  • How many garments you might get for your budget, or;
  • How much it might cost based on the number of styles you’re looking to produce.


What we are trying to achieve during the range planning stage is to understand your total collection size & the split of product types in your collection before moving to the design stage.