Once we have your Range Plan confirmed we then require a design brief from you.
  • Some clients are very specific over what they want & just require us to professionally draw their ideas & make them factory ready.
  • Other clients have vague ideas or ’sketches on the back of napkins’ & looking for us to develop those ideas further.
  • Other customers are completely ambiguous & look to us to supply trend, colour or consumer forecasting & develop a design direction for them.
    However the brief comes, once you know your collection size (see Stage 1), we then need to ascertain your design brief.
  • Some clients provide basic sketches.
  • Some clients send photos.
  • Some clients provide written briefs
  • Some clients provide example brought samples.
    However you feel most comfortable presenting your design brief is up to you, we can work with anything you might supply.
    The Range Plan Calculator (see Stage 1) will estimate a ballpark figure for design work however once we have your final Range Plan & Design Brief, we’ll then formalise a bespoke design quote for you.
    Please note the Range Plan Calculator estimates the design budget based on averages & prior to any further discounts (see Likely Costs – Design) and therefore your design budget will often stretch further than the Range Plan Calculator might first estimate).
    We will then start the design process & send the designs to you for approval.
  • Initially we’ll usually start by designing the front, back & detailed construction drawings of each style.
  • Any logo’s, labels, trims or graphics would also be designed.
  • These will be sent to you for comment & approval.
  • Once the collection is approved, we will then move onto developing the factory technical specification packs (Tech Packs) for each style.
  • The Tech Packs gives the factory all the information they will need to produce your initial samples. i.e.
  • Fabric type & compositions
  • Garment colours
  • Print positions
  • Fit & construction references
  • Measurement specifications
    Once you’ve approved your collection design & the Tech Packs have been produced we can then move forward to the Costing stage