Whilst you will already have a ballpark production budget from the Range Plan Calculator (see Stage 1), this will only have been provided as an estimate.  
Once the designs stage is complete, all of your Tech Packs will then sent to our suppliers for 1to1 costing.
  • When sending your designs for costing we will consider things such as; the product type, likely production quantity, likely production lead time, likely average regional unit costs, as well as other specific factors specific to your project when deciding which suppliers & likely country of manufacture is most suitable.
  • We have a large network of established & trusted suppliers for all product types across multiple production countries.
  • If you would like further information which country of manufacture might be most suitable & the pro’s & con’s to each region, we can discuss this with you.
    Once unit prices are returned, we will then advise you of the exact unit prices for your bespoke designs.
  • We will help you estimate not only the individual unit prices of each style, but any other possible additional charges such as Freight, Duties or Taxes to deliver your products.
  • Most of the time, due to average prices being used, the estimated production budget in the Range Plan Calculator is an over-estimate & normally the final overall budget usually come back cheaper (subject to your bespoke designs) and therefore usually your production budget will stretch slightly further than the Range Plan Calculator might first estimate.
    Assuming you are still happy in principle (subject to seeing samples) with the total budget, we can then proceed to the sampling stage.