Once your bespoke garment prices are approved in principle (subject to samples), we will move forward to sampling stage.
Initial samples of your designs will be produced. Please note;
  • As no official bulk order has yet been placed, initial samples will be made without any labels or trims.
  • The majority of the time your designs will be sampled using the correct fabrics however, on occasion, if the fabrics is specialised or not available then a substitute similar fabric might be used.
  • During initial sampling not every style in every colour might be produced. On occasion one sample of one colour way might be sampled & additional dyed colour swatches might be supplied for the alternative colour ways. Other elements such as prints or embroideries might be supplied on fabric swatches.
  • The idea of initial sampling is to turn your 2D designs into the 1st 3D sample for you to fit & comment upon.
  • Think of initial sampling as a recipe of elements, a fit sample, a colour swatch, fabric swatches, print or embroidery swatches, etc. All the elements which will make up your bespoke designs.
  • Any brought samples that you might supply us for references (i.e. fits, fabrics, constructions) we will endeavour to return you however we are afraid that we cannot guarantee their safe return. Due to the volume of reference samples going through our factories & the fact reference samples are often sent out to other 3rd parties (such as fabric mills, embroidery & print houses) that reference sample can, on occasion, get misplaced. Also, on occasion, reference samples are required to be cut or defaced in some way to allow the factories to test fabric compositions, weights & pattern pieces. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the safe return of reference samples however we do endeavour to return reference samples where possible.
  • We strive, where possible, to ensure your initial samples are as close to your bespoke design as possible but without order commitment it’s not always possible.
    Once your initial samples are delivered to you, we will then work with you to help comment on your samples and provide the factory with industry standard terms & definitions they require to proceed into the order stage.