Once your initial samples have been commented upon it will be time to place your bulk order.
  • Placing the bulk order allows our factories to produce your bespoke fabric, dye your bespoke colours & produce your bespoke labels & trims.
    Once your fabrics, label & trims arrive in-house a further 2nd sample will be produced of your styles. This is called a ‘Pre-Production’ (or ‘PP’) sample.
  • Your PP samples will have any comment changes from your initial sample, be in the exact fabric, colours & have all labels & trims attached.
  • A PP sample is supposed to be representative of your final bulk production.
    Once your PP samples have been received, we will again work with you on your comments. Please note;
  • As bulk fabrics will be in-house & dyed + labels & trims already produced, at PP sample stage you are more limited to the comments you can make than during initial sampling.
  • You can still of course comment on things such as fit & styling and other elements however changes to fabrics, colours, labels or trims may incur further costs.
  • On occasion, if you wanted to make a styling change or there’s been a mistake in the PP sample & you are not confident enough to approve the style into physical bulk production, then a re-submit PP sample may be required.
  • Re-submit samples are possible but may result in production delays.
    Once you have given your approvals on your PP samples, the physical bulk production can begin.