Once you have given approval to do so, the physical bulk production can start.
  • During production, in-line quality control checks will take place. In-line quality control checks are undertaken at random throughout the different stages of the production process to try to eliminate or rectify any possible issues as they occur.
    Once your bulk production is complete your products will go to the pressing & packing stage ready for shipment.
  • During the packing stage, once your products are in sealed boxes ready for shipment, an end-of-line quality control check will take place. An end-of-line control means that boxes will be opened at random to check a reasonable % of your finished goods. Only if these checks are OK is an order approved to ship. Should the quality control fail for any reason, then further checks will take place including but not limited to a 100% quality control.
    A further & final sample will be sent to you. This is called a ‘Shipment Sample’. This sample is pulled from random from your bulk production.
  • Due to Shipment Samples being provided from finish bulk production, no comments or changes can be made.
  • The purpose of a Shipment Sample is for you to confirm the final production matches your expectations & for you to give the approval to ship.
    Once you have approved your Shipment Sample, we can move to the shipment stage.