We love our job! Each project we work on is new and different. With years of experience in the fashion industry & in particular in the supply chain, we understand the process from start to finish.
We design & sourcing products from a huge verity of genres; from men’s to women’s, from adults to children’s, from couture to fast fashion & across all sorts of product types.
We’re yet to find a customer that we’ve not be able to service!
Therefore, no matter the size of your collection or scale of your ambitions, we are here to help with the entire supply chain.
We’re not your average supplier either, we don’t just understand product, we understand everything from web design through online marketing (details can be found on our sister division Rag-Creative). Even warehousing, fulfilment & distribution can be handled in house (details can be found on our sister division Rag-Wholesale).
We are uniquely positioned not only to understand design & sourcing but the whole chain in how to operate a successful brand.
We approach things differently to others by focusing not only on your product but the bigger picture of what’s likely to make for a successful brand launch.
We look forward to discussing the requirements of your project and helping bring your collections to like!